Brampton High Performance Program (Del Hockey)

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Located at the CAA Centre in Brampton, Ontario

In order to adapt to the new season school schedule amid COVID-19, we are now introducing two new options for high school kids! 

Full-time (4 days a week)
Part-time (2 days a week)b

Train with DEL Hockey’s elite instructors at CAA Center in Brampton for 4 days each week during the upcoming school year! In conjunction with your school High Performance Program, DEL Hockey will provide you with the best hockey instruction in the city. Your player will learn the skating techniques, puck skills and decision making needed to compete and excel at a high level. Thinking the game has been a key component of the way we teach the game from the start and has been a big reason for our continued success. The best players have high end skills and are able to make smart decisions with and without the puck all over the ice. Our goal is to help your child not only develop elite skills but the decision making and hockey sense needed to apply those skills effectively during games for maximum results.


September – June / Monday – Thursday. Program runs throughout the school year. No Residency Rule. It does not matter where you live. You can attend the local public school from anywhere. Experienced Instructors. Shuttle bus from CAA Centre to school is provided.



TYPICAL WEEKLY OFF ICE PROGRAM FOR ELITE PLAYERS: 90 minutes of off ice training each day in our designated gym. Our hockey specific off ice training includes core and balance training, plyometrics, weight training and footspeed.

COMPREHENSIVE ON ICE PROGRAM FOR ELITE PLAYERS: Minutes of on ice training each morning: Stickhandling, team tactics, puck protection, battle drills, position specific, shooting stations, small area games, power skating, and breakouts. 


A High-Performance Program that works in conjunction with DEL Hockey:

Britannia Public School
Dolphin Sr. Public School
Mississauga Secondary School 
Hollycrest Middle School
Silverthorn Collegiate Institute

In order to qualify for our morning program, the high-performance students must be recommended by a coach or instructor who can verify the students’ level of skill and training hours after school.


Playing Rep Hockey AA and AAA
Grades 4-8, 9-12
No Residency Rule
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(905) 782-0205
[email protected]