Tournament Rules, Toronto Exhibition Series, TES (Del Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the TES season, which is not set as the current season.
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Tournament & Playing Rules 2022

1.    Each team will be guaranteed four games
2.    All teams must have their game sheet filled in 15 minutes before your scheduled game time at the tournament desk. 
3.    NO PLAYER will be allowed to play on more than 1 team.
4.    Maximum of 17 players may be rostered and dressed for each game.
5.    All games will be a 3, 12-minute stop time periods, except for 3rd period with a 5 goal difference.
6.    Mercy Rule: If by or at any time during the third period one team is ahead 5 goals or more, RUNNING TIME WILL COMMENCE         and will not revert back.
7.    Game Times: Teams need to be ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled game.
8.    There will be a 2 minute warm-up prior to each game. 
9.    No team may enter the ice until the refs are ready.
10.  One 30 second time out shall be allowed per team.
11.  Hockey Canada Rules regarding any misconducts, suspensions, match penalties will be enforced.
12.  Body contact will be permitted in the 2009 age group and older.
13.  In case of conflict in jersey colors, Home Team has the right to choose their jersey color. We can provide pinnies.
14.  Scoreboard will not display any additional goals if the goal spread becomes greater than 5 goals.

PLAYOFF Overtime Rules 

1. Overtime will ONLY occur in the SEMIS or FINALS.
2. 5-minute overtime, 3-on-3, followed by a 3-player shootout if needed.

Tie Breaking Procedures for Teams tied in standings
1.    a) Winner of game between two teams.  
2.    c) Add 'goals for' and 'goals against'. Divide that into 'goals for'. Highest percentage will advance.
3.    d) If the above procedures do not break the tie, a coin toss will be the final tie breaking procedure.

1.   No matter what the score ends up, a team cannot be credited more than a 5-goal difference. The winning team will be credited with 5 goals greater than the opposing teams score.
2.   Two points awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.